Energy Audits - Lhoist

Site audits of regenerative and rotary kilns.

Challenge Ahead

The lime production process is CO2 intensive. Lhoist wanted to identify a range of energy conservation measures.

Our Solution

We undertook detailed site audits. In particular we wanted to target process improvements as this would lead to larger energy savings.

Value Created

Thyme & Tides Delicatessen - Energy Audit

Thyme & Tides Delicatessen - Energy Audit

Energy audit due to increasing electricity and gas tariffs. The deli wanted to maintain competitiveness and prevent an increase in prices. The audit provided a succesful outcome for the deli.

Geodis - Scope 1 & 2 Emissions Data Analysis & Verification

Compliancy service for ESOS Phase 3

Manadatory compliance service for ESOS as the company strives for net zero carbon by 2025. The audits assessed the lighting, motors and drives and recommended renewable energy initiatives.

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