Systems, procedures & behavioural changes are cost effective methods to reduce energy consumption.

Energy management includes the planning and operation of energy producing and energy consuming units.

ISO50001 & ISO14001

Facilitation of energy and environmental management systems, ISO50001 & ISO14001. We support clients through the various parts of the accreditation process;

  • System development and documentation - A well-defined Energy Management System (EnMS) framework will provide your organisation with a systematic approach to compliance.

  • Undertaking internal audits together with remediation plans

  • Represent clients during stage 1, 2 and surveillance audits

  • Remediate non-conformities

Professional Energy Management Ltd. can escort you through the compilation of your procedures and document control system allowing you to have a seamless route to compliance and future audits.

Culture Change Programmes

Assist public and private organisations with embedding a low carbon culture change programme. In conjunction with the technological changes companies will need to change student and staff behavior by winning hearts and minds to achieve its carbon reduction targets.

  • Development of the programme based on the company’s objectives

  • Facilitate training so building occupants are aware of their operational control on building systems

  • Report progress of programme against targets -  energy, cost and CO2 emissions

  • Embed the programme within the organisation culture

Several energy awareness campaigns have been facilitated by PEM Ltd. including staff training events and open days. If significant sustained behavioural change can be achieved this is by far the most cost-effective mechanism for energy reduction. ‘Switching Off’ costs nothing.

PEM Ltd. can develop culture change programmes that provide a win-win to both businesses and staff. It is possible to have campaigns that save organisations money with an element of the savings going to staff as an annual energy saving annual bonus.

Staff Training Days

Energy efficient behavior of staff is vital to achieving long term CO2 savings. We assist by;

  • Developing bespoke training needs based on site processes and activities

  • Ensure training programmes are relevant to the operational control that individuals have – ISO50001 requirement

PEM Ltd. can provide the following training platforms;

  • NEBOSH Environmental Diploma

  • NEBOSH Environmental Certificate

  • Water Conservation Techniques

  • Energy Conservation Techniques

  • Guest Speaker Services

  • Basic & Advanced Combustion & Boiler Performance Training

We have qualified teaching personnel that have numerous years of teaching experience.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Reports

Electric vehicle numbers are predicted to increase exponentially from 2020. We assess your current estate and consider what the future impact of electric vehicles will be. This is demonstrated in a report highlighting recommendations and conclusions ensuring your estate remains competitive in the future low carbon transport scenario.

  • Staff number type and habit appraisal

  • Assessment of current and predicted site electrical available capacity (kVA). Application to increase available capacity where necessary.

  • Create site parking strategy and layouts including charging & billing systems

  • Installation of charging points

  • Consider the potential application of electric cars to an energy storage strategy

The University of Hull - ISO14001 : 2015 Internal Audit

Conducted internal audit and revamped EMS - Redefined EMS scope.

Undertook internal audit for The University and developed the EMS. All requirements of the standard were audited and a series of corrective action reports were developed.

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