Delivery of a robust & high-quality energy bureau service.

Ensuring that energy consumers can pay their bills with confidence. The energy bureau service has been proven to pay for itself by evidencing and recovering supplier overcharges through bill validation.

Data Management

PEM undertake comprehensive utility data management to create a database of client information. Examples of data we collect and maintain includes:

  • Property details, floor areas, occupancy, hours of operation and energy performance indicators for ISO50001

  • Meter details, including MPANs/MPRNs/MSNs, available capacities (kVA), annual quantities and CCL/VAT

  • Supply contract details, including structures, unit rates, fixed charges, and pass-through charges

  • Utility account numbers, cost codes, departmental apportionments

In addition, we obtain historical invoice and consumption data. During onboarding we cleanse this data to ensure that ratified data exists at the commencement of the service.

We provide our clients with a web-based portal where clients can view their energy and cost data. Our preferred software is SystemsLink.

Bill Validation

Up to 20% of utility supplier bills are understood to be incorrect. We use our software routines to perform over one hundred checks on each invoice we process.

Using the agreed contract rates we compare direct (manual) and profile (half-hourly data) data against invoices received. Incorrect invoices are added to a query log, we raise these with the client and recover costs. PEM continuously monitor ongoing invoices ensuring credits are applied.

Finally, our systems can process paper bills and electronic files together, in a variety of formats.

Greenhouse Gas Reporting

Provides reporting for best practice programmes, examples include, ISO50001 & ISO14001.

Enables robust data to be used in UK Government reporting regulations;

  • European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS)

  • Display Energy Certificates (DEC)

  • Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

  • Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR)

  • Climate Change Levy assessments (CCL)

  • Energy Intensive Industries (EII)

We can also monitor scope 3 CO2 emissions, for example, waste, transport and procurement using our software. Regression analysis and degree day adjustment can be incorporated into our analysis.

Profiling Data
(Half-Hourly Analysis)

We provide half-hourly and automatic meter read (AMR) profile data management for electricity, gas and water meters and data loggers. We will collect, validate and make data available for reporting and analysis, usually on a day plus one basis.

Profile data can be used to examine consumption closely to identify exceptions, general wastage, and other opportunities for energy management, as well as for bill reconciliation and tenant billing

In addition to profile consumption data, we can manage AMR register readings from building/process sub-meters. Furthermore, the independent nature of our systems means that data from different providers can be amalgamated and that, no matter how many times a client changes supplier, consistent records are maintained.

Budget Prediction & Accruals

Accruals are usually provided on a monthly basis, but we can customise them in accordance with different frequencies to suit you. We use a combination of methods based on half-hourly data and manual meter readings, as well as average cost and consumption to produce an accrual, and will generate warnings and messages if data looks out of normal ranges.

We calculate annual, rolling budget and forecast reports at the individual meter level and at an aggregated position to produce a single budget figure for each utility at each site. We factor in future price changes such as non-commodity charge changes and market outlooks beyond the end of current supply contracts. We also include coverage for any anticipated increases/decreases in consumption.

Tenant Billing

PEM offer a fully integrated tenant billing service to help landlords, property agents and complex estates manage the recharging of electricity, gas and water costs.

Our solution apportions costs to tenants, internal departments, or business cost centres. We create invoices using supplier invoices, manual reads, or AMR/HH data. In addition, data from sub meters can be utilised where installed.

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