Carbon Management Plan for Local Further Education College—GIFHE

Energy efficiency audits.

Challenge Ahead

The college has experienced increasing gas and electricity costs due to increasing prices. The colleges carbon baseline for 2015/16 was 2,052 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year (2,052 tCO2/yr), costing the college £437,197/yr. It is likely that emissions would increase if this carbon management plan (CMP) was not introduced.

Our Solution

The college called upon the services of Professional Energy Management Ltd. (PEM). PEM undertook a series of energy audits and produced a carbon management plan (CMP). The CMP provides a clear view of the financial and environmental benefits that implementing the carbon reduction interventions highlighted. In the short-term, there is an opportunity to trial some of the technology interventions such as LED lighting. Additionally, there are several easy to implement ‘quick wins’, for example, plant room insulation and the installation of time and temperature controls that will provide quick payback.

Value Created

The college is now implementing energy reduction measures highlighted within the CMP commencing with the shortest payback solutions first, for example, plant room insulation.

Energy Audits - Lhoist

Site audits of regenerative and rotary kilns.

PEM were commissioned to undertake a site energy audit. PEM wanted to focus on savings from the process as it was felt this could render higher energy savings.

Energy reduction at Hull Collegiate School

Thermal Camera Audits.

The school wanted to reduce its gas consumption and energy costs by identifying heat loss areas. A thermal camera audit was undertaken to identify heat loss areas.

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