Energy reduction at Hull Collegiate School

Thermal Camera Audits.

Challenge Ahead

The school has experienced increasing gas costs due to increasing prices and extra usage of appliances and hot water. A recent energy saving scheme saw the installation of LED lighting throughout the scale saving electricity costs.

Our Solution

The school called upon the services of Professional Energy Management Ltd. (PEM). PEM undertook a thermal energy audit using thermal cameras. The thermal camera was particular useful for highlighting areas that were hidden and/or at high level.

Value Created

The audit recommended that all the valves, flanges and ancillaries within the plant rooms be insulated with removable thermal covers. This reduced the energy consumption ensuring the heat was used in more appropriate areas rather than being lost. The school is confident their annual Display Energy Certificate will identify decreased gas usage.

Thyme & Tides Delicatessen - Energy Audit

Thyme & Tides Delicatessen - Energy Audit

Energy audit due to increasing electricity and gas tariffs. The deli wanted to maintain competitiveness and prevent an increase in prices. The audit provided a succesful outcome for the deli.

Geodis - Scope 1 & 2 Emissions Data Analysis & Verification

Compliancy service for ESOS Phase 3

Manadatory compliance service for ESOS as the company strives for net zero carbon by 2025. The audits assessed the lighting, motors and drives and recommended renewable energy initiatives.

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